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Wildlife Dreams

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Wildlife Dreams

Safari Travel Agency of the Year.

A classic safari includes great accommodation, amazing scenery, and exceptionally good guides, but sometimes it doesn’t involve superb photography. Wildlife Dreams is a specialist photographic safari company for travellers who are particularly interested in wildlife photography on safari or using wildlife hides .Heading into a safari with a knowledgeable photography guide can make all the difference when your subject is  unpredictable. Whether you’re trying to get a stable image of the thundering wildebeest migration or the perfect portrait of a shy cat, bears or the many bird species you will encounter. Your private professional photography guide is on hand to share their tricks of the trade.

Taylor- Made Safaris.

All our tailor-made safaris are carefully crafted to your needs by one of our Wildlife travel experts. It’s our passion to create holidays that are perfect for you, resulting in a moments that will linger in your memory for a lifetime. No itinerary is too big or too small.

Our Wildlife Travel Experts are passionate in providing a personal service whilst providing outstanding value, and are eagerly waiting to make your Wildlife Dreams a reality.

Wildlfe Hides.

Wildlife photography hides serve as silent portals into the heart of nature, allowing photographers to witness and capture intimate moments without disrupting the innate behaviours of their subjects.

Our hides become an extension of the environment, enabling photographers to immerse themselves in the world of the wild without becoming disruptive elements.

  • Antares Bush Camp

    17 Jan 2024 Phil Gould
    Antares Bush Camp 
  • Be one of the first photographers to use these exciting new wildlife hides,all interlinked. So wildlife isn't disturbed.
    Offer expires on: 17-Jan-2025
  • Taylor-Made Safaris

    17 Jan 2024
    Why we where awarded Safari Travel Agency of the Year.
  • Wildlife Hides

    17 Jan 2024
    Wildlife Hides in Estonia. Wildlife Dreams is designing hides in Estonia at the moment. First a location is selected from an extensive short list before a mobile hide is used for several months allowi ...