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ThumbStopper® is not just "another marketing tool" or "another time-consuming project" for you/your brand.

This is your brand's social media messaging, automatically syndicated and amplified on ALL of your retailers’ social media pages.  The benefits are…

  • No effort on the retailers' part, minimal effort on your part. 
  • Utilizing the quality content, you are already producing.
  • Significantly less expensive than any other form of advertising.
  • Higher organic reach results than you can achieve any other way.
  • Reaching the followers of your retailers’ pages, as well as thousands of potential NEW customers.

Each feature of our platform eliminates a hurdle to selling goods and services and enables a company to focus on engaging with their target audience on social media.

Our team of marketers, technologists, and sales concierges help retailers and brands amplify their digital thumbprint through the intelligent syndication of content across leading social platforms.


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  • ThumbStopper® - The "How" and the "Why"

    12 Feb 2021 ThumbStopper®
    Your customers spend at least one hour on Facebook each day. This provides the perfect opportunity to amplify your brand’s message where it matters – at your local retailers’ business pages. 
  • A case study of a top manufacturer of powersports products including off road vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and ATVs came to ThumbStopper in 2018. Their portfolio includes over 30 brands and the ...
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  • Flexibility-Software Overview

    17 Feb 2021 ThumbStopper
    ThumbStopper has flexibility built in so that your retailers are only receiving social media content that's germane to what they sell.
  • Special Offer: FREE Brand-To-Retail Social Audit

    FREE Brand-To-Retail Social Audit

    How Much of the Digital Shelf Space Does Your Brand Own?
    Offer expires on: 01-Jan-2023
  • FREE Brand-To-Retail Social Audit

    12 Feb 2021 ThumbStopper®
    How Much of the Digital Shelf Space Does Your Brand Own?
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