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16-19 March 2024, The NEC, Birmingham, UK


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Intrepid Camera

Stand: POD 5,POD 6
Intrepid Camera

We are a team of product designers and photographers, passionate about the future of analogue photography. 

Intrepid Camera started life back in 2014 with the idea of an affordable and lightweight 4x5 camera. 

We wanted to make large format photography accessible to a much wider audience and have successfully been doing so for over seven years.

Our next challenge was darkroom printing and in 2018 we launched our first 4x5 Enlarger. We then developed the Compact Enlarger, marking our expansion into the world of 35mm and 120 film

Intrepid Enlargers are a fraction of the size of traditional enlargers whilst matching the results. They use modern LED technology which allows you to print from colour and black/white film, all without needing a dedicated darkroom. 

Our aim is simply to allow anyone the opportunity to get into the darkroom or go out and shoot with a large format camera. We believe creating affordable but high-quality, modern products is the only way to do this.



United Kingdom

  • The premium edition Intrepid 4x5 features a sleek 'all black' design, made primarily of high quality 3D-printed parts, all produced and assembled in-house.
  • Now in its 4th generation, the Intrepid 4x5 is a modern rethink of the traditional large format field camera.
  • Weighing just 2.5 kg this might just be the lightest, most compact 8x10 camera ever made. Now with rear focus and linear guides which provide incredibly precise, fast focusing, and coupled with the al ...
  • The Intrepid 5x7 has all the features you would expect from a traditional 5x7 camera but at a fraction of the cost and weighing only 1.4kg (3.2Ib).


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