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Tenba offers bags, backpacks, and travel cases for every purpose, every configuration, and every style of shooter.

Our products are designed to protect your gear for the long haul
(and the short-haul and every haul in between), while making
your life easier and more comfortable every step of the way.

Come and see us and find the carrying solution for your needs.

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  • Tenba BYOB

    02 Mar 2021
    Turn your favourite bag or backpack into a camera bag with Tenba's BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) inserts. Easily convert a shoulder bag or backpack of your choice and never be without your camera.
  • The Tenba Cineluxe collection is designed especially for filmmakers and photographers, providing convenience, protection and versatility. Wherever your next project takes you, Cineluxe will be along f ...
  • The Shootout Collection of backpacks are designed for serious outdoor imaging. Each bag is built for all-day carrying comfort using the absolute best materials and hardware to deliver extraordinary lo ...
  • Tenba Fulton

    01 Mar 2021
    The Tenba Fulton Collection of backpacks combine timeless, vintage style with modern comfort, function, and camera protection. The soft, lightweight canvas design blends seamlessly into any environmen ...
  • The Tenba Skyline bags bring our “Never Compromise” design philosophy to your everyday adventures. Skyline is the perfect answer for photographers who need to pack as light as possible, whilst keeping ...
  • Tenba Solstice backpacks ensure all-day carrying comfort and security for the outdoor enthusiast photographer and filmmaker. Built with uncompromising materials and hardware. The two exterior side poc ...
  • Tenba DNA Collection

    01 Mar 2021
    The Tenba DNA Collection delivers the kind of year-round, all-weather, rugged performance of a true bike messenger bag, but with an interior that’s designed to protect delicate cameras, lenses and com ...
  • Tenba Axis Collection

    01 Mar 2021
    Tenba’s tactical Axis backpacks were inspired by the ultra-durable bags we’ve made for the military throughout our 40-year history. The collection comes in three sizes 20L, 24L & 32L and can fit from ...
  • Tenba DNA Brochure

    03 Mar 2021 Loraine Morgan
    The Tenba DNA, perfect for any occassion, whether on a shoot or heading out to meet a client
  • Tenba Fulton Brochure

    03 Mar 2021 Loraine Morgan
    The Tenba Fulton ideal for urban and nature trails photographers.
  • Tenba Solstice Brochure

    03 Mar 2021 Loraine Morgan
  • Tenba Axis Brochure

    02 Mar 2021 Loraine Morgan
    The Tenba Axis for all urban and remote shooting photograhers and filmmakers.
  • Tenba Skyline Brochure

    02 Mar 2021 Loraine Morgan
    The Tenba Skyline ideal for photographers looking to travel light.
  • Tenba Cineluxe Brochure

    02 Mar 2021 Loraine Morgan
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