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Spider Holster

Stand: D701
Spider Holster

Founded in 2009 by professional photographer and entrepreneur Shai Eynav, Spider Camera Holster revolutionized camera carrying in the field. Recognized for its speed, comfort, and security, it quickly gained popularity among professionals. Shai's need to capture candid moments with two cameras led to the development of a prototype belt system, allowing upside-down camera carry from a padded, heavy-duty belt with locking holster mechanisms. The system, including the versatile Spider Camera Plate, accommodates all camera models. Today, Spider Holster offers ergonomic solutions for photographers of all types. The new Spider X line caters to lightweight camera systems, providing comfortable and secure carrying options from backpacks or belts. With unrivaled functionality and comfort, Spider Holster has become the go-to choice for photographers seeking swift, strain-free access and reliable attachment points for heavy camera setups.



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