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We look forward to welcoming you to this years digital event. We will be bringing you a whole host of amazing offers with our “famous show deals”.  Browse through what we have on offer and we are available if you want to speak to a human.

The Pilotfly GmbH was founded in 2015 from Mr. Marcus Oswald (General Manager).

The Pilotfly GmbH ( now under the new Trademark „PFY“) is
worldwide well known for high quality and innovative products for the Photo/Video Industry. Developed in Germany.
We develop gimbals and expand our product range  continuously with new accessories for the photo/video area.
Due to the very good cost effectivity of our products we can
provide our products not only to professionals and producers but also to Hobby Filmer. Our patented Gimbal Design which provides an unobstructed view to the camera display is worldwide well known followed by our new Video-Headlight
Systems and other products which will be introduced to you on the following pages.
Our goal is to develop outstanding and innovative products in the Photo/Video area which is affordable for everybody.

PFY - Innovation and Quality Made in Germany!

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  • The PFY Maverick Essential is the base version but already comes with lot of accessories even with a very comfortable and water repellent Backpack.
  • PFY Maverick is a very powerful and versatile gimbal. Payload up to 4.2kg and body weight less then 1kg! This makes it to a very ergonomic and lightweigt but powerful gear. Developed in Germany.
  • PFY Follow Focus is one of the world's smalles 2.4GHz wireless follow focus on the market. Featuring unique functions.
  • PFY EagleEye - Turn your mobile device into a wireless monitor recorder. Transform your Smartphone or Tablet into a Video Monitor! You want to transmit your recorded video to your customers, director ...
  • PFY Voice is our new ultra compact video microphone. The Voice offers you crystal clear audio of your interviews, vlogger projects or others.
  • PFY Matrix mini - ultra compact RGB Video Light for On camera light, Kicker light, Hair-light, Fill-light or Background light. It is a highly versatile little companion for your video and photo projec ...
  • PFY is introducing the all new Video Light Series called "MATRIX". The Matrix Video RGB Light is a portable and highly versatile on camera light but can be also used for other applications. Matrix com ...
  • PFY Product Catalog

    06 Mar 2021 Marcus Oswald
    View our latest product catalog.
  • Matrix and Matrix mini featues lot of cool fuctions which makes your own video creation unique. 
  • Here it is, the Matrix RGB Video Light Tutorial. Here we show you the features of this little but powerful Light and how and what you can do with it via the App! Devices: PFY Matrix PFY Matrix mini
  • Our new portable Video RGB Light called MATRIX. The world's first portable on-camera Videolight in a wooden design and with the unique FreeStyle Mode.
  • Introducing the new 3-axis gimbal stabilizer from PILOTFLY GmbH in Germany, the PFY MAVERICK series.
  • The univeral and compact 1 hand stabilizer designed in Germany. PFY Maverick is a multifunctional and portable 3 axes stabilizer for mirrorless and DSLR cameras.
  • PFY Maverick Gimbal - Tutorial 1

    13 Jan 2021 Marcus Oswald
    Maverick - Tutorial 1 Introducing you the Maverick 3 axes stabilizer from PFY. Showing you how easy it is to mount and calibrate the camera on the gimbal.
  • PFY - Maverick - Tutorial 2- Function Introduction
  • PFY - Maverick - Tutorial 3 - OLED MENU OVERVIEW
  • Our brand new wireless Follow Focus System can be easily used as stand-alone Follow Focus or combined with the Maverick Gimbal. In this video we show you how easy it is to calibrate the follow focus.
  • PFY - Maverick - Tutorial 4 - Follow Focus

    13 Jan 2021 Marcus Oswald
    In this video we introduce you our Wireless Follow Focus System which can be used on the Maverick Gimbal but also used as stand-alone version. 
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