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NiSi Optics

Stand: D550
NiSi Optics

NiSi is not your everyday brand and we will explain why. We want to share the NiSi brand vision with you and, with the transparency that distinguishes us, reveal our model and what makes it a success.

NiSi (also NiSi Optics or NiSi Filters) was founded in 2005 and owns more than 20 international patents on technology and design in the field of photography and cinema.

Lens-grade optical glass

The grade of optical glass used by NiSi cannot be found in any other filter by any other manufacturer. The only other place you will find glass of this standard is in high-end optical lenses such as the best macro lenses; Nikon™ gold series, Canon™ L lenses, Zeiss™ lenses, Sony™ GM and a few other specialist applications that require the utmost in optical precision.

The “recognised standard” in glass for filters is Schott B270. Fine glass without a doubt. But NiSi don’t do “standard” and the glass we use is optically, demonstrably, superior to B270.

NiSi has exclusivity in the filter sector. We use this particular optical glass because we design and produce our products internally, without intermediaries and therefore without compromise.

NiSi Nano-Coating®

NiSi Nano-Coating is a treatment for optical glass that makes it water and oil repellent. Thanks to this coating we deliver a number of advantages, including much easier cleaning of rain, spray and handprints. This allows for maximum sharpness in every situation.

IR treatment

The anti infrared light treatment (or simply “IR“) blocks infrared light beyond a certain wavelength. IR pollution is responsible for the dominant magenta colour cast introduced, or more accurately, allowed through, by low-quality filters. The light absorption curve in NiSi filters is extremely uniform, ensuring a very high colour match.

Our challenge is your satisfaction

For the reasons listed above, and many more, NiSi is the first choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The value of our products goes far beyond their price because we guarantee that the added value is much higher than the products of other brands.

This is possible thanks to our complete verticalisation of product design, production and distribution.

In addition, we engage with our customers directly and provide the maximum guarantees that only a manufacturer can give.

Stay in touch with NiSi

Our strength is enhanced by our presence on different channels to support you, advise you and above all share enjoy, as a community our greatest passion: photography.

Quality without compromise.



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    Up to25% Off during the show

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