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Martin Newton Photography Trips & Training

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Martin Newton Photography Trips & Training

Martin Newton Photography Trips & Training has now been running for around 10 years. Running a full time studio It's been easy for me to put many workshops on, however they don't only take place here but all around the UK and overseas too.

I see people hold back on going on workshops or unsure wether or not to go on one, those that do it as a hobby fear If those who attend are more experiencedand feal they won't understand what's being spoken about, or the experienced photographers who would love to attend but they don't want to be seen attending a workshop, all I say is you have nothing to worry about as they are put together for all kinds of skill levels and everyone has something to learn. 

Workshops are here to help you do what you love doing, taking images or helping you gain more clients, you may want to venture into a different style or type of photography, I have something for everyone. Not only that I run photography holidays too, you may just want to get away and experience photographing in a different country, who knows but feel free to come and talk to me. 

With workshops I have everything from Studio lighting, Dancers, Gel lighting, Wedding Workshops, Budapest Workshop, Algarve trip, you name it. If something isn't listed on here still come and ask me as I may have something lined up that's not mentioned.

But enjoy the show and look forward to meeting you all. 

  • Budapest

    04 Jun 2024
    Budapest is just one of those amazing city's you will ever see. The architecture is just out of this world, everywhere you turn you see something different. Because of this I have chosen this to be on ...
  • Have you ever thought about shooting overseas? Getting up knowing it's going to be a nice day! Now is your chance. Join us in the Algarve ( 4th-10th September 2024) where we shoot in various locations ...
  • Wedding Workshops

    01 Jul 2024
    Weddings are a big part of photography, whether you are looking for a career change or looking to improve your photography skills and working with clients, my workshops are here to help point you in t ...
  • Ever wanted to photograph a professional dancer? Do you need High Speed lighting to do this? How do you freeze your dancer during fast movement? What do you set your camera too? These are questions I ...
  • Studio lighting takes a bit of time to understand, but once you get the hang of it and understand it you can become very creative. This workshop is for both beginners and experienced photograhpers, du ...
  • Eowyn Luna and Pebbles will be working throughout the day from Fashion, lingerie, art nude or however you would like to shoot them, who are both very experienced models. The location itself is absolut ...
  • Shooting with gels is quite easy to do once you get the hang of it but you have such a big variety of colours, and even down to the positioning of the gel light can either make or break your image. I ...
  • So many people talk about using off camera flash but never really understand how to do it correctly. Many turn to YouTube to which most of the information is incorrect and tell you all about high spee ...


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