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Looking Glass Factory is a Brooklyn-based company start-up that produces the Looking Glass line of holographic displays. Their recently-announced Looking Glass Portrait is a personal and portable system that can play holograms without being plugged into a computer. 

If you can take a photo with your phone, you can make a hologram. Believe it or not, Portrait mode photos have depth information hidden behind them. Looking Glass Portrait makes it easy to bring those photos to life in 3D. 

What about non-portrait mode photos? What about the images you shot on your DSLR or analog camera years ago? You can turn those into holograms too—using Looking Glass Factory's cloud-based service. Now all of your memories can now live in 3D forever. 

If you're looking to push the limits of holographic capture even further, Looking Glass Portrait can also display light field photos—which is just a fancy term for a series of images taken from different perspectives. Capture these advanced three-dimensional photographs with a basic panning shot using the camera you already own and easily display them in Looking Glass Portrait. 

Simply put, if you’ve got a camera, you are 100% qualified to start making holograms today. Welcome to the future. 


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  • Any and all of your photos can become 3D holograms. 
  • Fully capture and recreate any scene, including optical effects like refraction, magnification, and specular reflections by creating light field photos. 
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