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Welcome to Lencarta's virtual exhibition stand at this year's Photography Show! Lencarta is a well-established, award-winning British company that has specialised in photography lighting equipment fro well over a decade. 

We work to supply and create high quality equipment from  our range of products, as well as from other well known photography equipment brands, such as Godox, Feiyutech and Visico! Our equipment is designed and chosen by photographers, for photographers to provide effective and reliable equipment to professionals and hobbyists alike. 

Founded in 2006, we have utsed our experience, expertise and commitment to create one of the leading official distributors and authorised reapir centers in the UK for studio lighting equipment and consumer electronics. 

We are excited to take this opportunity to talk to likeminded individuals via phone, email and live chat, about a passion that we all share. Four members of our team, Stefan Mike, Daisy and Charlotte, will be available to chat to you throughout the show and answer any questions you may have, as well as offer any advice on our products. We would love to hear from you during the show and we look forward to getting to know you better!

Learn to Light Academy

We are also proud to present and sponsor the fantastic Chris Ord and his Learn to Light Academy that is launching this spring! Chris is a great friend to our team and company, as well as an amazingly talented photographer! We highly recommend his tutorials and seminars, as well as his social media, to any photographer looking to learn more about their craft. Head over to our products and services page to find out more! 

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  • The Photography Show Special | 10% off items both on the Photography Show shop, as well as on our own website! 
  • We have launched our rewards point system on our website which offers money back on EVERY purchase made on our website when you create an account! We are also offering 500 FREE reward points for creat ...
  • Sign up to the Lencarta newsletter for updates, sale information and our latest releases! You will also receive 500 FREE rewards points for your signup. 
  • Learn to light with Chris Ord! Chris provides in depth technical and creative instruction on how to improve your photography and studio lighting technique. He has established his own lighting school, ...
  • The Brand New Godox AD100 Pro is available to preorder on our website RIGHT NOW! This studio flash is the perfect product for all photographers and can fit into most pockets whilst on the move. Learn ...
  • Lencarta is the only official UK based repair centre for Godox. We only use Godox approved parts in all repairs in their range and we aim to get repairs done and returned as quickly as possible! 
  • Lencarta are the official UK Repair centre for all Feiyutech products meaning that your goods don't need to leave the UK to be repaired! Our technicians are trained to repair all Feiyutech products in ...
  • We are proud to be on of the UK's official distributor of Godox products. Godox provide high quality lighting solutions to all photographers and supply professional equipment with every product in the ...
  • Our own Lencarta range includes flash heads, softboxes, lightstands, bags and flash lighting accessories! We create high quality products at a great price, designed to enhance your shoots. 
  • Feiyutech are an exciting brand who aim to create high tech and professional gimbals for professionals and consumers! Their range includes gimbals for DSLR cameras, as well as smartphones and action c ...
  • Boya Microphones

    18 Feb 2021
    We are proud to be an official distributor of Boya who provide high quality and professional microphones for a variety of uses! Boya create a range of shotgun, lapel, USB and condenser microphones to ...
  • Our Lencarta Profold softbox range are designed by photographers, for photographers! Designed to pop up like an umbrella for easy assembly, this range aims to make your shoots as easy as possible, as ...
  • Visico Flash Heads

    26 Feb 2021
    Visico offers high-quality and professional studio lighting for a competitive price! The Visico range includes powerful and portable lights capable of achieving fantastic results with your work. 
  • We offer a wide selection of light stands and boom arms to work alongside your lighting units and modifiers. We aim to provide equipment that is not only effective but protects your equipment. For thi ...
  • Flash Accessories

    18 Feb 2021
    We understand that accessories and add-ons change the way you use your flash and develop the results you get! Because of this we offer a wide variety of different accessories to adapt your lighting op ...
  • We offer Green Screens and Backgrounds of all colours and sizes to help you create the perfect backdrop both in and out of the studio. Our range includes pop up reversible backgrounds for on location ...
  • Learn More about Lencarat, what we offer and the services we provide! 
  • Chris Ord Reviews... US!

    05 Mar 2021 Chris Ord
    Chris Ord has kindly reviewed our business and services! Thanks so much to Chris, as well as everybody in the video for all the kind words and support! 
  • AD100 Pro | Reviewed by Chris Ord

    04 Mar 2021 Charlotte Nixon
    Chris Ord takes the BRAND NEW AD100 Pro out for testing in a real-life shoot and gives his own opinion and feedback on this portable flash head. 
  • Chris Ord | One Product Challenge

    24 Feb 2021 Chris Ord
    Chris Ord offers a tutorial on 3 different ways to light a single product! As a talented photographer and fantastic teacher, his expertise really shines through!
  • Manchester based Videographer MC gives an overview of the Godox VL150 Continuous Light.
  • Godox AD1200 Pro Review | Chris Ord

    24 Feb 2021 Chris Ord
    Chris Ord reviews the Godox flagship flash head, the AD1200 Pro! If you're thinking of investing in this light or want some help on what it can do, give this video a watch! 
  • MC reviews the Feiyutech Pocket, an action cam gimbal that fits directly into your pocket! 
  • Dave Massen takes the Godox X range Triggers on shoot to test how they run on location. 
  • Thom Bateman: Automotive Photography Guide

    17 Nov 2020 Thom Bateman Photography
    Thom Bateman gives a tutorial on shooting and editing car photography. He uses the Godox AD600 Pro in this shoot.
  • Review: Godox AD300 Pro | Chris Ord

    27 Mar 2020 Chris Ord
    Chris Ord Gives us a review of the Godox AD300 Pro and his first hand experience of using this flash. 
  • Special Offer: AD1200 Pro for £1300

    Godox AD1200 Pro | £1300

    Save a MASSIVE £175 on the AD1200 this weekend!
    Offer expires on: 20-Mar-2021
  • Special Offer: AD400 Pro for £545

    Godox AD400 Pro | £545

    Save £63 on the ever-popular AD400 Pro!
    Offer expires on: 20-Mar-2021
  • Special Offer: AD600 Pro for £699

    Godox AD600 Pro | £699

    Save a huge £100 off the AD600 Pro at the Photography Show 2021!
    Offer expires on: 20-Mar-2021
  • Special Offer: AD300 Pro for £415

    Godox AD300 Pro | £415

    Get your hands on the Godox AD300 Pro for £415 at The Photography Show 2021! Saving £50 on the original price!
    Offer expires on: 20-Mar-2021
  • Special Offer: AD200 Pro for £289.99

    Godox AD200 Pro | £289.99

    Save £39 on the AD200 Pro! On offer for £289.99
    Offer expires on: 20-Mar-2021
  • Special Offer: Lencarta SmartFlash 4 for £99

    Lencarta SmartFlash 4 | £99!

    Grab yourself the Lencarta SmartFlash 4 Studio light for as little as £99!
    Offer expires on: 20-Mar-2021
  • Win a Feiyutech AK2000C!

    06 Mar 2021 Charlotte Nixon
    For this year's Photography Show we are giving away a FREE Feiyutech AK2000C 3-axis gimbal! Update your kit by entering today! 
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