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The Leather Rebel

Stand: M200
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The Leather Rebel

As a photographer I know how difficult it can be to find a camera strap that is high quality and also good looking. Why not do it myself? Is what I thought. I'm a creative entrepreneur and I love to come up with new ideas and concepts. So, I researched the subject and came to the conclusion that I wanted to create this product myself. That's how The Leather Rebel started.

The straps and harnesses are made of saddle leather (cow or buffalo). I think the beauty of this material lays in the fact that the more you use the product, the more personalized it becomes. The leather becomes more flexible when you carry it around and starts to suit your body shape more and more. Leather products become more beautiful as you use them more frequently. The leather starts to live, which I think is amazing.

  • Every purchase from '100,00
    Special Offer: Free wrist strap - leather goodie - shopping bag

    Every purchase from '100,00

    Free wrist strap - leather goodie - shopping bag
    This offer is only available at the show
    Offer expires on: 21-Sep-2022
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