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Interfit Photographic was established in 2001 to develop innovative, high quality, professional lighting products and accessories that enable photo and video artists of all skill levels to expand their creativity.

Our design process is focused around what artists need to capture the very best images and our customer service reflects our shared knowledge and passion for the art form.

Interfit products are designed to build upon the need to simplfy the users workflow. We know that the best gear has to be affordable, high-quality, and inhances creative process. When you buy from Interfit Photographic, you're not just buying into a product, you're joining a comuinity of artists who love the craft as much as you do.




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  • The Honey Badger lights are powerful and versatile and the Badger unleashed boasts a battery-powered, 250Ws strobe and HSS/TTL capabilities to become the flash head you’ll always want on your side.
  • The Badger Beam boasts a battery-powered, 60w LED with dial power adjustment capabilities to become the video or photo light you’ll always want on your side. 
  • The sum of all parts:

    06 Mar 2021 10:00-10:30
    Ben explains how to mix strobe and ambient in real world locations
  • Mark Walker uses his experience to break down and simplify HSS
  • All things Badger

    07 Mar 2021 13:35-2:00
    Joe will give you a rundown on the new Badger Beam and the rest of the Honey Badger family.
  • Newo talks about her recent shoot at Tank Space in Nottingham. She will also be on hand to ansewer your questions   
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    Exclusive Show Deals

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    Offer expires on: 09-Mar-2021
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