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Interfit Photographic was established in 2001 to develop innovative, high quality, professional lighting products and accessories that enable photo and video artists of all skill levels to expand their creativity.

Our design process is focused around what artists need to capture the very best images and our customer service reflects our shared knowledge and passion for the art form.

Interfit products are designed to build upon the need to simplfy the users workflow. We know that the best gear has to be affordable, high-quality, and inhances creative process. When you buy from Interfit Photographic, you're not just buying into a product, you're joining a comuinity of artists who love the craft as much as you do.




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  • The Badger Beam boasts a battery-powered, 60w LED with dial power adjustment capabilities to become the video or photo light you’ll always want on your side. 
  • The Honey Badger lights are powerful and versatile and the Badger unleashed boasts a battery-powered, 250Ws strobe and HSS/TTL capabilities to become the flash head you’ll always want on your side.
  • Five 32w fluorescent lamps producing up to 800 equivalent watts. Three toggle switches on the back for precise lighting control.5600k daylight temperature balance for perfect colour rendition.Fluoresc ...
  • LED lights are compact, portable and have outstanding light quality and colour rendition.
  • Flash is an essential part of any photographer's equipment and can make or break a photograph
  • From pop up softboxes to beauty dishes, We have over 80 modifiers, to help you create your perfect image. 
  • SpiderPro and SpiderLight systems have become the trusted carrying tool for photographers all over the world
  • Building off the success of the Honey Badger, the Badger Unleashed photography light shredded the restraints of an AC power cable and now roams free thanks to a drop-in Lithium-Ion battery. Add in Hig ...
  • The 'Honey Badger' Their powerful physical features, speed, intelligence, and general aggressive demeanour combine to make one ferocious little powerhouse that is known to give even top predators a ru ...
  • The Badger Beam boasts a battery-powered, 60w LED with dial power adjustment capabilities to become the video or photo light you’ll always want on your side. It also includes a 2900mAh battery, so you ...
  • Ben Bentley Music & Portraiture

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    An internationally published Music, Portrait and Editorial photographer, shooting for publications, record labels and commercial clients with worldwide reach. Currently a contributing photographer at ...
  • Located in London, but made in Yorkshire. I am a photographer specialising in alternative fashion and portraits, creating images of all things weird and wonderful. Having worked as a makeup artist, mo ...
  • Have a Go! In the Interfit Studio

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    You will have the opportunity to take control of the full interfit studio! Just bring your camera, plug in and have a go. Our ambassadors and product manager will be on hand to help and advise you in ...
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