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H&Y was founded in Hong Kong back in 2006, with the sole purpose of developing and providing high quality filter products.

The very first major breakthrough in technological advancements came from the launch of our award winning K-Series magnetic square filter holder system in 2017. The sole quest for everyone at H&Y, is to produce the most economically advanced range of accessories for Photographers & Videographers and this was the first step! We simplified the way photographers can apply filters to their lenses with an innovative magnetic filter holder system without the compromise in quality. In fact, we went one step further and introduced the use of Corning® Gorilla® Glass III in the production of ALL K-Series square filters. Not only did we have introduce the fastest filter system, we could now offer the toughest glass on the market!


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  • H&Y Luxury Filter Tote Case

    13 Feb 2021 PhotoTEQ LImited
    * Luxury stylish bag for carrying and protecting 100 x 150mm and 100 x 100mm filters * Eight pocket positions inside the case * Multiple stacked framed filters can be put into each position as surface ...
  • * Square 100 x 100mm fixed ND factor filters * Increase your exposure time by reducing light transmission * No colour cast * Fitted with magnetic filter frames as standard * Compatible with H&Y K-seri ...
  • * Reduces Light Pollution in Night Sky for Astro or city/landscape night photography * Double sides multi-layer nano coating * Water/Oil resistant * Excellent colour rendition * Size: 100×100mm * For ...
  • * Made of Corning Gorilla Glass III * Even and gradual light transmission * Oil/water-proof & double-sided coatings * No colour cast * 100mm x 150mm * For 100mm K-Series Filter Holder or adapted holde ...
  • This is the brand new H&Y FH-100 filter frame holder exclusively for the Fujifilm 8-16mm F2,8 XF lens. * Made of quality aviation aluminium * Exclusively to fit Fujifilm 8-16mm lens without adapter ri ...
  • The H&Y KH-100 is made ready for the magnetic attachment of filters held in the H&Y magnetic filter frames. * Made of quality aviation aluminium * Rear element drop in 95mm filter slot * Slim design t ...
  • In the Lee Filters Triple Kit, you get three 100x150mm magnetic frames, 1x set of LEE Filters 100mm Foundation Kit adapter strips, cleaning cloth and a neoprene filter pouch
  • This is how to adapt the LEE FILTERS FOUNDATION KIT holder with the H&Y Magnetic Filter Adapter Strips.
  • Magnetic Filter Frames

    13 Feb 2021 PhotoTEQ LImited
    These frames are for your existing 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters. Your current filters can then be used in conjunction with an adapted holder, or the H&Y Magnetic holders. "* Magnetic filter frame s ...

    13 Feb 2021 PhotoTEQ LImited
    The magnetic frames system for 100mm filters. Upgrade what you have, or get started with H&Y directly.
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