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Contour Design UK Ltd

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Contour Design UK Ltd

Take control of your multimedia work. Single-handedly!

The ShuttlePRO v2 multimedia controller will maximise your audio and video editing, graphic design, or other shuttle and jog productivity with both ideal form and function. Pre-configured for many of the industry’s leading audio and video editing applications, 15 customisable buttons will make working amazingly fast and precise by utilising commonly used macros.



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  • The most adjustable vertical computer mouse on the market.
  • Improve your performance with RollerMouse Red, the ultimate ergonomic computer mouse.
  • Your work tool for audio, photo and video applications
  • Contour ShuttlePRO v2 is the perfect productivity accessory for video, audio or photo editing applications on PC or Mac. 
  • Your perfect travel accessory for photo, video & audio editing.
  • The perfect accessory for photo, video and audio editing.
  • The most adjustable vertical mouse on the market.
  • The ultimate ergonomic computer mouse.
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