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Stand: G600
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Chroma Camera



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  • Designed and manufactured in partnership with PictorioGraphica LLC (New England), the ChromaGraphica wet plate holders offer compatiabiltiy with all standard 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 cameras, bringing wet pl ...
  • Chroma 679 Multi-Format system, allows a photographer to combine the best lenses from Mamiya Press and traditional large format cameras, with a huge range of OEM film holders to build the perfect hand ...
  • Chroma Carbon Adventurer large format field camera, offering a complete range of movements on both front and rear standards, along with support for lenses from 60-385mm with it's sliding read standard ...
  • Chroma SnapShot, large format handheld system with universal compatability with sheet film, roll film, Instax, Polaroid and palte photography. Weighing only 600g (without lens), the SnapShot is a ligh ...
  • Chroma Camera Show Special - 50% upfront order
    Pay 50% deposit, then the remaining 50% when your camera is ready for shipping.
    This offer is only available at the show
    Offer expires on: 22-Sep-2021
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