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We are proud to say we are the UK’s leading camera and lens calibration specialists for Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Tamron lenses. Over 8000 calibrations and counting.

We have a market leading sensor cleaning process including Hepa filtered cleaning cabinets and use only the best cleaning materials available.

Along side these services we also offer an annual camera service, camera configuration service ( set up for your specific photography genre), lens optimisation service (know your sweet spot!) and training.

Currently all our training is online and as soon as covid restrictions are reduced we will re-open our studio to training. We run workshops and 1-2-1 training on Lightroom, RAW workflow, camera configuration, how to clean your own sensor and Photoshop.

Our studio also has the Breakthrough Filters range available to demonstrate along with Colorado Highline Ballheads.  


We appreciate that not everyone can drop off their photographic gear to us at our studio in West Chiltington, West Sussex so we also have a courier service second to none. If you are further afield we ship you, using FedEx, a storm case and packing material so you can pack your equipment away securely. Combination packlocks are supplied and our own GPS tackers are fitted in the cases. On top of this we have our own fully comprehensive insurance. Touch wood we have never lost a case yet nor had any damaged equipment!


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  • Whether you have a new camera/lens, or have one you have been using the same one for a while, there’s a possibility your equipment may be in need of calibration. When reviewing a captured image (s) yo ...
  • This Sigma lens calibration includes a firmware update and User 1 and 2 configuration
  • UK's Leading Tamron Calibration Specialists
  • UK's leading sensor cleaning service.  You’re probably used to spending a lot of time cleaning your camera lens, but have you paid much attention to cleaning the sensor? Most of us who enjoy photograp ...
  • Camera Annual Service

    16 Feb 2021
    Camera Annual Service   INTERNAL CAMERA ANNUAL SERVICE It includes our market leading sensor clean and whilst in the cavity of your camera we clean the whole chamber. Once cleaned it is inspected to c ...
  • The lens optimisation test finds its optimum aperture and determine its diffraction point. Lenses tend to perform / return the sharpest results at given apertures. Optically the apertures that returns ...
  • Cameracal Newsletter

    16 Feb 2021
    Cameracal's Bi-Monthly Newsletter - First Edition Now Live Full of information from the world of photography including editorials, expert feature articles, competitions and up-coming events!
  • 2 Hour Online 1-2-1 Training Adobe Photoshop All 1-2-1 training is preceded by a consultation phone call to discuss topics that could be covered   For this on-line 1-2-1 course, customers will need to ...
  • This is a two hour booking.  What we won't be teaching you?   We won't be teaching you how to take good photographs, composition, lighting etc. There is a huge choice of photography tutors out there t ...
  • 2 Hour online workshop - Adobe Photoshop Beginners Course, aimed at someone using Photoshop for the first time, or who has little experience of the software.   The course will cover: The basics of Pho ...
  • This training is bespoke to your current level of understanding of Adobe Lightroom. Ultimately the most popular post production program available and is suitable for both novices and intermediate user ...
  • Show Only - 10% Off All Services
    Special Offer: 10% Off All Services

    Show Only - 10% Off All Services

    10% off calibrations, sensor cleaning and training.
    This offer is only available at the show
    Offer expires on: 14-Mar-2021
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