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We’re really pleased to be including our ‘Analogue Spotlight’ feature at The Photography Show. We know how popular analogue is now and how many innovative businesses and products there are out there, so we’re really excited to showcase these and hopefully do our bit to support the vibrant analogue community!

Analogue Spotlight includes a number of analogue photography industry micro-businesses, including:


35mmc Analogue Wonderland Chroma Camera
Kosmo LVP Nik & Trick
pixl-latr Silvergrain SilverPan
Simon Forster Solarcan  


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  • Nik & Trick Photo Services are based in a small shop in Folkestone Kent.  We stock a wide range of film in formats from 110 up to 10 x 8 sheet. We are the UK's leading stockist of BelliniFoto products ...
  • Chroma Camera

    23 Feb 2021
    Chroma - The Unique Large and Medium Format Camera Systems
  • Kosmo Foto

    22 Feb 2021
    Komo Foto, a film photography blog turned film brand.
  • SilvergrainClassics provides photographers with inspiration, information, and a sense of engaged community, with readers and contributors from over 60 countries worldwide.
  • Born from a love of photography and astronomy, Solarcan is an extreme time exposure camera capable of capturing the path of the Sun over days, wees, months or years.  
  • pixl-latr (v1.3) is a film holder designed to aid in the process of digitising negatives and reversal film with a digital camera.
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  • Do you shoot film and dream of being published? Submit your work to our Analogue Spotlight contest! Our editorial staff will choose one entry to be featured in SilvergrainClassics magazine.
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