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Alamy Limited

We sell images to customers around the world. From magazine and book publishers to design agencies and marketers, our customers work in lots of different industries in hundreds of countries and they’re always looking for great imagery to enhance their projects.

Our product listings showcase our current trends as well as inspring image collections and tutorials, so take a look and sign up to Alamy today. 

Why sell your images on Alamy?

  • You can earn money from your photography
  • Your images will be seen by creative and editorial image buyers around the world
  • You’ll join a community of over 100,000 photographers
  • Since we began, we’ve paid out over $220 million in royalties to our photographers




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  • The dawn of a new year always brings much anticipation and wonderment as we define our goals in the hopes of reaching new glory. And we know that means understanding which visual trends are going to l ...
  • We work directly with media outlets across the world and we’ve got a dedicated team working round the clock to help you get your images online and out to our customers within minutes.
  • Diversity and inclusivity are part of our core values here at Alamy and we encourage all contributors to take images that reflect diversity within our society
  • This collection of imagery highlights how the pandemic has led to changes in our daily lives. Brave children around the world have faced social distancing in classrooms and businesses have changed the ...
  • With this collection we are showing how images can bridge the gap between the tactile world and our minds. These images all have one thing in common, they are highlighting visual aspects which trigger ...
  • Stereotypically, if you think about how we would photograph the older generation youd have someone looking at a computer screen with incredibly large text, using a walker or a gentleman asleep in his ...
  • Now more than ever, people are making lifestyle changes in order to be more sustainable, even amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic.The increased commitment to sustainability means people expect companies to b ...
  • Now more than ever, it is important to dedicate time to yourself to benefit your mental health and wellbeing. This collection of imagery highlights the ways in which you can be selfish, spending time ...
  • Wildlife photography has always been popular, there’s nothing new here. But how can we keep it fresh and interesting? This collection highlights animals in motion, where show stopping images convey ex ...
  • A brief overview of the Alamy Image Manager, a tool given to all Alamy contributors where you can annotate your images.
  • The world of stock photography is a mysterious one so we spoke to Alamy photographer Andrew Paterson, who is nearing the $400,000 milestone, to find out what it takes to maximise your earnings.
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