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Creative Event Spaces is the official shell scheme contractor for The Photography Show & The Video Show.  

Contact:  Simon Clifton or Simon Sutor.  
Tel: +44 (0)7762 122953 or +44 (0)7967 383723.

All shell scheme order forms can be downloaded at the end of this section.


Shell Scheme Stand Specification

A standard shell scheme stand looks like the image below. Optional extras such as shelving, graphics, a muslin ceiling or additional panels can be ordered via the Shell Scheme Accessories & Graphics Order Form and you can confirm the location of your additional orders by completing the Shell Accessories Layout Form. For hints and tips on dressing your stand, permitted wall fixings and graphic options, please download our Shell Scheme Do’s & Don’ts.  For information on panel sizes, please download the panel specification and please note that the end panels of each run of walling (the panel closest to the gangway) is a slightly different size to the other panels.

Shell Scheme

What’s included in your package?

  • Walls: White walls, separated by white metal poles
  • Carpet: Grey cord carpet. Refer to the Floor Covering Order Form if you would like to change the colour at additional cost
  • Nameboard: Displaying your company name hung from the fascia. Complete the Nameboard Order Form with your required details
  • Electrics: Lighting and power are not provided as part of the package. To order, download the Electrics Order Form. Please also download and complete the Electrical Plan Layout Form showing where you would like your electrical items placed if you require them to be in a specific location.
  • Furniture: Is not provided as part of the package but can be ordered from or you may bring your own
  • Graphics: Additional graphics are not included in the package but are the most effective way to transform your stand. Order graphics via the Shell Scheme Accessories & Graphics Order Form. Refer to page 2 of the Shell Scheme Do’s & Don’t’s for information on panel sizes, artwork requirements and fitting advice for anyone bringing their own graphics or posters. Shell panel size details can also be found here.

Note that in terms of fixings, only sticky tabs or double-sided velcro can be used. The use of panel pins, nails, screws and any other fixing method which will cause damage to the panels is not permitted.

Power Advice for Shell Scheme Exhibitors

Exhibition power supplies vary from household supplies. Below is a quick guide to help you order the correct supplies and avoid problems during the event - such as tripped supplies. You can order electric supplies here

500W Sockets - Rated at 2 Amp and can supply:

  • One computer (or 2 laptops)
  • A small domestic fridge
  • Four mobile phone chargers
  • Table lamp
  • Television & video
  • Or any combination of the above using a single 4-way extension (maximum length 2m) subject to a total load of 500W

1KW Sockets – Rated at 4 Amp and can supply:

  • Small domestic coffee machine (750W – 1KW)
  • Small domestic steamer (900W – 1KW)
  • Small microwave cooker (750W – 1KW)
  • Vacuum cleaner (800W – 1KW)

2KW & 3 KW Sockets – Rated at 10 Amp & 13 AMP and can supply:

  • Jug Kettle (2KW – 3KW)
  • Catering coffee machine (1 5KW – 3KW)
  • Industrial Cleaners (1 2KW – 3KW)

Useful notes:

  • The list indicates individual items that can be used with each socket, with the exception of the 500W socket above
  • All sockets are supplied on a daytime power only basis unless a 24hr continuous supply is ordered
  • Actual power requirements will vary dependent upon the individual equipment used. All electrical equipment has a Rating Plate that shows its power consumption in Watts or Kilowatts. You should check before you order your power
  • If you are ordering a socket to supply your own lighting arrangement, the maximum power rating of any single lighting circuit is 1000W (1KW) – so if you had 3KW of lighting on your stand, you would need to order 3 x 1KW sockets for this requirement
  • Shell scheme exhibitors are not permitted to carry out their own stand wiring

Planning Advice for Shell Scheme Exhibitors

Download the Shell Scheme Do’s & Don’t’s here

Access times: The hall is open to shell exhibitors from midday on Friday.  If you require additional time please contact 

Stand out: Consider how your stand is going to look compared to other shell scheme stands. Striking, clear graphics provide instant information about your products and good lighting brightens your stand - both help to give your stand "stand out" qualities.

Half meter dimensions – e.g. 3.5m x 4m stands: If your stand includes a half meter dimension, please contact Creative Event Spaces to find out where the 0.5m panel will be positioned if it will affect your wall graphics.

Stand staffing: Your stand should be manned at all times during the open period and you are advised not to leave personal or valuable items unattended at any point during open, build-up or breakdown.

Stand cleaning: Your stand will be vacuumed early on each event day before you arrive. Specialist cleaning can be arranged directly with the NEC on 0844 3388 338.

Gangways: All your exhibits must be contained within your own stand space – it is not permitted to carryout business or place items in the surrounding gangways.

Construction within your stand space: You are permitted to construct additional stand elements within your stand space provided the regulations for space only exhibitors are adhered to in terms of layout, permitted materials etc. You are also required to email with full information as to what you are building.

Display materials: All display materials on your stand must be fireproof.

Nightsheets: Nightsheets can be ordered from Creative Event Spaces. If you are providing your own, they must be of inherently non-flammable material or of material satisfactorily treated to render it non-flammable. While the show is open, nightsheets shall be firmly secured and rolled-up in positions, and not cause obstructions.

Health & Safety for Shell Scheme Exhibitors

Full Health & Safety information is detailed on the Health & Safety tab and all shell scheme exhibitors.

As a short guide:

Risk Assessments the build of your shell scheme stand will be covered by the shell scheme contractor’s risk assessment. However, if you are building anything inside the shell scheme you will need to carry out your own risk assessment covering this additional build.

Health & Safety Declaration: All shell exhibitors are required to carry out the Health & Safety Declaration. The declaration can be accessed here.


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