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Illustration with Xencelabs Pen Display 24

Xencelabs Stand: L501

The Xencelabs Pen Display 24” is a large size digital drawing screen for creative professionals. It was designed to improve productivity, comfort, and workflow. Designed with feedback and input from industry-leading artists.

Xencelabs Pen Display 24 is the new choice for the creative community. Key benefits include:

  1. Excellent drawing experience with a 24” etched glass display carefully designed to feel like drawing on traditional media. The surface is continuous and uninterrupted by buttons or seams.
  2. Pressure curve has been meticulously tuned to be beautifully responsive. Pen response is adjustable to match your drawing style.
  3. Two different pen sizes are provided to fit different-sized hands and preferences. One pen comes with 3 buttons while the other has 2 buttons. Each has an eraser.
  4. Virtually no screen reflections or glare, even in well-lit rooms or where there are ceiling lights
  5. Excellent color performance including Pantone® & SkinTone™ validation. Delivers 1.07 billion colors.
  6. For improved productivity, it comes with the Xencelabs Quick Keys with OLED display and physical dial. Allows for up to 40 short-cut keys per application. Dial has 4 modes for zoom, rotation, brush size, and other functions.


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