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09 Jul 2022

Newell Vividha Max RGB LED Panel

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Newell RGB Vividha Max is a small, slim lamp designed for filmmakers and photographers who want full control over parameters such as color, color temperature and light output. Built-in tripod mount, angle adjustment and the included gates and diffuser will further facilitate the work on set. Quick adjustment is ensured by ergonomic knob and easy to read TFT screen. The flash also has 9 thematic programs that will make you feel like in Hollywood!

Main features of Newell RGB Vividha Max LED lamp
brightness adjustment
adjustment of light color in HSI color space
adjustment of color temperature
adjustment of light color in HSI color space
colour temperature adjustment
Light parameters control from the TFT screen
>Capable of powering the flash with 2 NP-F batteries (sold separately)
9 thematic programs (special effects)
adjustable flash tilt angle
adjustable flash angle
screw for tripod mounting
diffuser, gates and carrying case included

Adjust power and color temperature
The Newell RGB Vividha Max provides tremendous creative freedom when working with light on a film or photography set. The lamp has several powerful modes that can be used creatively to suit your needs. The CCT mode allows you to adjust the color temperature in a wide range from 2500 K to 8500 K. In addition, the brightness of the light can be determined using a 10-point scale, adjustable by an ergonomic knob.

The magic of RGB colors
The lamp features 216 RGB-WW LEDs that allow you to experiment with light in the HSI color space. The 36 HUE shades, 10-step brightness scale and variable carbonation allow you to conveniently adjust the colors to your current needs. Play with colors and create unforgettable shots with the Newell RGB Vividha Max flash!

9 special effects
The Newell RGB Vividha Max LED lamp offers 9 unique special modes: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Faulty bulb, Party, Lightning, TV, Pulsing, Cop Car and Fire. With these modes, you can simulate flash lights, fireworks, thunderstorms, broken light bulbs, police car roosters, or the warm light of a campfire with the touch of a button. You can personalize all the special modes, fine-tuning parameters such as color temperature or flash frequency to your needs. Want to bring Hollywood effects to your productions? Use special modes and see how the magic of the cinema works!

Two power ways
Thanks to two different ways of powering the Newell RGB Vividha Max LED lamp will be suitable both at home and in the studio, as well as during filming or photographic trips to places where access to an electrical outlet is difficult. The device is equipped with two sockets for NP-F batteries. Wireless power supply means even more freedom of work and a chance to create unforgettable scenes with light, wherever you want to use it!

Gates for better light control
Included with the Newell RGB Vividha Max LED lamp you also get sturdy metal gates. Their 4 independently operating wings will allow you to direct or focus light in a selected part of the frame, and thus better control the nature of filmed or photographed scenes. Gates are mounted on 4 screws, which, if necessary, will allow for quick and convenient removal.

Light softening diffuser
The Newell RGB Vividha Max lamp is equipped with a handy diffuser made of lightweight material characterized by optimal light clearance and milky color. It allows for even natural lighting and significantly reduces unwanted shadows. When you don’t need it, you only need 3 seconds to release the respective locks and slide the diffuser out of the frame.

Protection and convenient transport
Convenient transport and safe storage of the lamp allows for a practical, zippered travel case. It will accommodate the lamp with diffuser and roller, as well as the included power supply. In the inner pocket finished with elastic band you will be able to hide additional photo or film accessories.

Many years of experience
When buying Newell brand products you choose years of experience backed by thousands of positive reviews of satisfied customers, among whom are both professionals and amateurs of photography and film. Bet on high quality and join Newell family!

model: Newell RGB Vividha Max
LEDs: 216 x RGB-WW (0.5 W)
maximum power: 40 W
maximum light intensity: 1200 lux (at 1 m)
colour temperature range: 2500 / 8500 K (with built-in adjustment)
colour rendering index: CRI > 95
Display: TFT
power control: 3-stage
brightness control mode: 0 – 100%
power supply:
DC 15V, 3A power adapter (included)
Lithium-ion NP-F rechargeable battery (sold separately)
connection: DC plug
operating environment temperature: 0 – 35° C
storage temperature: -10 – 50 °C
Relative humidity: 20 – 90 %
Dimensions: 275 x 68 x 258.5 mm
Weight: 1208.5 mm
Dimensions: 275 x 68 x 258.5 mm
weight: 1202 g
Kit contents
Newell RGB Vividha Max LED lamp
Power supply
power cable
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