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13 Feb 2021

Magnetic Filter Frames

H&Y Filters Stand: K202

These frames are for your existing 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters. Your current filters can then be used in conjunction with an adapted holder, or the H&Y Magnetic holders. "* Magnetic filter frame system to fit other brands of filter * Includes neoprene case for each adapted filter and 1x lens cloth * Requires Frame for each filter and filter holder to be adapted with strips * For One 100 x 150mm / 100 x 100mm and 2mm Thick Filter * Magnetically Mounts Filter on Holder * Enables Fast Use of Filter with Holder * Reinforces Filter Edges * Helps Keep Filter Surfaces Flat * Easy Installation of Filter * Helps Prevent Stray Light with gapless edges between filters * Filter Identification Label included * Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Filter Pouch included"

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