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19 Feb 2021

Irix Edge Circular Polarizer SR

The Irix Edge Circular Polarizer 95mm SR filter is a unique photographic accessory that provides not only outstanding protection for your lens during the shooting but accurate colour rendition with superior sharpness and contrast. The new SR generation of Irix Edge filters have exceptional resistance to mechanical damage such as impact and increased scratch resistance. These features, combined with NANO (water&dirt-repellent) coating, allow many years of trouble-free operation. In addition, the Irix Edge Circular Polarizer is distinguished by the use of the latest generation of anti-reflective coatings, which are directly responsible for the excellent contrast free of flares.

What is especially important is the fact that we have managed to make the Irix Edge Circular Polarizer filter more thinner (only 4.3mm!) which makes it an ultra-slim option to make filter-operation even easier with the ultra-wide lenses.

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