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19 Feb 2021

Irix Edge Circular Polariser Filter

Irix Edge Circular Polariser (CPL) is a special purpose filter which is used every time when the photographer wants to achieve high-contrast, smooth surface without any reflections for example when photographing cars, water, glass.

Irix Edge System offers a full spectrum of the circular filters for most of the lenses available on the market. Irix Edge filters are made from tempered optical glass with anti-reflection coatings, high transmission NANO coating and oleophobic layer at both sides of the filter for waterproof and oil repellent resistance.

A circular polarizing filter is a landscape photographer’s best camera accessory as it allows you to capture vividness and contrast in a photo. I have even used it to capture cityscapes and it completely changes the image once you have it mounted on your camera lens.

Irix Edge Circular filters are incredibly easy and quick to fix onto a lens- simply screw onto the lens thread. You should always check thank the filter is properly fastened to the lens to prevent dropping it.

Every Irix Edge filter comes in their own durable plastic case with soft foam inside offering sufficient protection from scratches, dust, water or accidental damage.

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