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16-19 March 2024, The NEC, Birmingham, UK

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31 Jan 2021

Hot Take: Peak Design Tech Pouch for remote and at home working

Peak Design Stand: G500

Your phone charger. Vanished. Where's your pen? Nobody knows. Headphones? Tangled in a 20 minute knot, and the Zoom call started 90 seconds ago. Not good. It's a condition known to science as "Doodlebobs Akimbo." Symptoms may include frustration, wasted time, and naughty words uttered quietly.

That's why Peak Design's Art Director, Lawrence, is giving the Tech Pouch a moment in the sun. Thoughtfully designed for ease of use and unrivaled organization, the Tech Pouch has you covered on the small stuff so you can focus on the job at hand. 

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