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20 Sep 2022

@CatsDogPhotography talks to the Power of Positivity

Wex Photo Video Stand: M400, L304

Do you ever hear that voice in the back of your head whispering ‘I can't do this'? Cat is
a firm believer in shaping your mindset in order to propel you to success. She will be sharing with you the profound effects of self-belief when it comes to improving your work, growing your business and making doing what you love most pay. If you have ever doubted that you measure up then you are not alone! Too
many talented  creatives struggle to make it work financially and squander their chance to
grow because they are missing one key element - faith in themselves. You will be pleased to hear that this is within your power to develop this self belief - join Cat to learn how, illustrated by both her personal journey and research backed concepts. In her talk you will find out out why you should shake up your mindset and discover how transcendently powerful simple self belief is.

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