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09 Jul 2022

Newell Pravaha LED RGB light with Bowens mount 100W for video, vlog, photo and more!

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The Newell RGB Pravaha LED Flashlight is a versatile device designed for videographers and photographers who want high light output, a wide range of color temperature control, a multitude of colors in HSI and RGBCW, and access to ready-made special effects. All of these features are enclosed in a small housing with a built-in cooling system, which is ideal for use at home, in the studio, on commercial assignments or outdoors. The included diffuser provides even more light output and the Bowens system mount allows you to connect dozens of other modifiers to the flash. The device can be controlled remotely or via a clear LCD display. There is also an ergonomic bag for convenient transport and storage.

Main Product Features
LED lamp offering high light output while maintaining compact size
4 modes of operation: CCT, HSI, RGBCW, FX (special effects)
RGBCW palette of one billion colors
RGBCW mode
RGBCW mode offering 5 independently controlled groups of diodes
36,000 colors in HSI mode
73-stepped color gamut
10 preset special effects (each with 10-step frequency adjustment)
possibility to work with other lamps within 12 channels and 6 independent groups
readable LCD screen for convenient control of light parameters
remote control support using mobile application (Android/iOS)
Specially designed shield to protect LEDs from dirt or mechanical damage
Built-in efficient light output (for Android/iOS)
built-in efficient cooling system with temperature control function to extend lamp life
standard Bowens mount for use with popular light modifiers
ergonomic shoulder bag for convenient transport and storage of flash and accessories
A compact high-powered lamp
Looking for a versatile lamp that can be used in the studio, on a film set, during photo shoots or while shooting vlogs at home? The Newell RGB Pravaha is the perfect solution for filmmakers, youtubers, streamers, as well as videographers and photographers working at weddings. A small lamp weighing only 1.2 kg will allow you to achieve both a strong white light and enjoy almost unlimited possibilities of scene creation with colors. 4 operation modes (CCT, HSI, RGBCW and FX) are all you need to create even better photos and videos!

Adjustable color temperature
The Newell RGB Pravaha LED light offers an impressive range of color temperature adjustments. The cold light here can take on values as high as 10000 K. Or maybe you want the atmosphere of the created scene to be exceptionally warm? The lowest available warm light value is 2800 K. What is important, between these limit parameters, you have as many as 73 degrees of regulation! This means that when working with the Newell RGB Pravaha lamp, the color temperature will always be matched to the scenery, emotions or atmosphere of the scenes you care about!

Multitude of colors
Need more than a white CCT adjustable light? Reach for the impressive color palettes offered in HSI and RGBCW variants. The first mode offers as many as 36,000 different colors adjustable with 360-degree hue (H), 100-degree saturation (S) and intensity (I). An even greater range of colors is offered by the RGB-W palette. In addition to adjusting red (RED), green (GREEN) and blue (BLUE), you can also manage the color temperature. This allows the colored light to get warmer or colder tones. Faithful color rendition and depth of tone will make your videos and photos even more beautiful!


Even more power
In the set with LED Newell RGB Pravaha lamp you will find a unique modifier that will allow you to increase the power of the generated light. All thanks to the unique design that narrows the light beam, as well as the silver coating used inside the bowl. The diffuser will allow you to even better direct the light and will prove to be useful wherever you want precision, more power and even more realistic rendering of specific emotions built in your photos or movies.


Fireworks, police cars and fireworks
Creating unique scenes with light special effects has never been easier! Newell RGB Pravaha LED lamp offers up to 10 thematic modes. They will allow you to simulate the roosters of a police car, ambulance or fire truck, fire, broken light bulb, fireworks, TV or flashes. There is also a creative mode of smoothly changing colors. Each of the special effects offers a 10-step adjustment scale for the frequency of change. You can control them both from the flash panel and mobile app. See how the magic of cinema works by spicing up your video footage with striking light, without having to invest in additional set pieces!

Clear LCD screen
Convenient control of light parameters is provided by an ergonomic panel equipped with 2 knobs with built-in buttons and a clear 1.8″ LCD screen. One glance is enough to check on which channel and group the lamp works, what is its current temperature and if it connects to the Bluetooth application. Dials provide convenient switching between modes, as well as quick and precise adjustment of color, color temperature and power. All this makes it easy to prepare your planned shots and frames in seconds!

Remote control from within the app
The device supports Bluetooth technology, so you don’t have to control the lamp only from the LCD screen. Users of smartphones with iOS and Android systems will find a special SS LED Video Light application in App Store and Google Play stores. The app allows you to remotely control the device’s parameters, select individual colors on the HSI palette or using sliders, switch between different modes, and conveniently configure special effects. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you gain even more freedom of work and the ability to precisely manage light, even when the lamp is located in a hard to reach place.

Bowens mounting system
Newell RGB Pravaha LED lamp is equipped with a universal and extremely popular in the film and photography industry Bowens mounting system. This opens up completely new possibilities for artists who would like to use light modifiers such as beamers, bowls, gates or softboxes. All these accessories allow you to precisely adjust the character of the lighting to the needs of particular frames or film shots.

Transport bag included
The bag included in the set will allow you to safely store the lamp and conveniently transport it. Depending on your needs, you can sling it over your shoulder or carry it using two handles connected by strong Velcro. In the upper part of the bag there are also special mounting straps allowing you to conveniently attach it to a larger suitcase or hang it in a convenient place. Inside you will find solid and soft padding which will protect your gear on the go, providing optimal space for all the elements of your kit, as well as small accessories which you can hide in zippered pocket.


model: Newell RGB Pravaha
material: aluminum alloy
Operating voltage: AC 110 V – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Input voltage: AC 110 V – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
input voltage: DC 15 V, 6 A
Maximum power (RGB): 35 W x3
maximum wattage (CCT): 80 W
dimming range
dimming range:
CCT: 0 – 100%
special modes FX: 10 – 100%
colour temperature range: 2800 – 10000 K
colour correction range in CCT mode (green/magenta): GM ± 10
color rendering index:
CCT-CRI: > 96
HSI mode: 360 colors, 100-level saturation
RGBCW mode: > 96
CCT-TCLI: > 95
RGBCW mode: brightness adjustment of each of the 5 groups of LEDs within the range from 0 to 100%
Special FX modes: special modes: LEDs with a range of 0 to 100%.
special FX modes: 10 (10-step frequency adjustment for each mode)
number of available channels: 12
number of available groups: 6 (A, B, C, D, E, F)
display: LCD (1.8″)
cooling: cooling module + fan
allowed operating temperature: – 10°C – 50°C
Dimensions: 174 x 123 x 202 mm
Dimensions: 174 x 123 x 202 mm
weight: 1.2 kg
Kit contents
Newell RGB Pravaha LED lamp
power supply
power cable
carrying bag
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