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19 Aug 2022

Zhiyun WeeBill 3

Zhiyun Stand: G500
  • Zhiyun WeeBill 3
  • Zhiyun WeeBill 3
  • Zhiyun WeeBill 3
Zhiyun WeeBill 3 Zhiyun WeeBill 3 Zhiyun WeeBill 3

The small size and strong motors, make the WeeBill models a very popular series with video makers. The WeeBill 3 has a modified design compared to the other models. The weight and batteries have been moved to the bottom, which makes the balance and weight distribution feel better. The optimized position of the sling lever provides more freedom of movement. A wrist plate is available on which you can rest your wrist. This makes long filming more comfortable. (optional) In addition to the new design, the WeeBill 3 has a built-in noise cancelling microphone. If you don't want this, the Gimbal also has an external microphone connection. The built-in LED light helps you in dark conditions. A new double quick release plate makes balancing a lot easier. Built-in batteries last no less than 20 hours and have a charging time of 2 hours.  The Weebill 3 is avaliable in 2 versions Standard and Combo each containing a section of accessories.


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