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Symply Stand: L501
  • SymplySPARK XT
  • SymplySPARK XT

Hyper-Fast thunderbolt enabled shuttle RAID delivering SSD speeds at HDD prices.

By using Seagate MACH.2 hard drives we're able to deliver SSD speeds from an HDD array. MACH.2 drives use innovative Multi-Actuator technology to increase both read and write performance. Normal hard drives are, in construction, a series of platters with a read/write head (an actuator) flying over the top of them.

MACH.2 drives add a second actuator to enable increased read/write actions with each revolution of the platter. In other words: double the IOPS.

Hyper-fast, affordable shuttle RAID for media workflows. SymplySPARK XT was designed to ignite your creativity by delivering consistently high throughput and low latency with plug-and-play convenience so you can do what you do best and not worry about managing your storage.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, portable, and rugged design
  • Impact-resistant wheeled transport case included
  • Whisper quiet < 45dB
  • Eight hot-swap drive bays
  • Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports for highest throughput, daisy chaining, and fast device charging
  • Advanced field serviceable design for maximum up-time
  • Fast, reliable RAID 5/6 Protection to prevent content loss and keep you working even in the unlikely event of a drive failure
  • 2m (6.5ft) Active Thunderbolt 3 Cable included
  • Kensington Lock
  • Supported by the Symply five-year warranty and free lifetime and online support by trained media professionals


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