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Sling strap

The Leather Rebel Stand: M200
  • Sling strap
  • Sling strap
  • Sling strap
Sling strap Sling strap Sling strap

Our sling straps are available in various colors. With this broad option of colors, you can adjust your photography outfit to the type of photoshoot you’ve got planned. The strong, but supple leather will keep your gear safe while you’re walking through crowds, busy places and weddings or wherever you’re at taking photos.

We advise to always use a safety strap. You can do this by mounting the safety strap to the little ring on the side of your camera and the D-ring of the camera mount, or the D-ring at chest level which you can find on your double strap or camera harness.

Our harnesses are available in various colors and two types of saddle leather (cow and buffalo).

Length S/M 135cm
Length L/XL 155cm

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