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15 Feb 2021

Sigma Lens Calibration

Sigma lens calibration not only includes the Sigma single lens and camera calibration but also :

  • Firmware update
  • Configure User 1 & User 2 settings (as in AF functionality and Optical Stabiliser settings) according to the user preferences be it Wildlife, Sport. Aviation etc.

These are particularly useful if owners of these lenses do not have a Sigma dock.
If you wish to include an extender in your calibration then please add Extender Calibration to your basket.

Due to the slight variations in production or after heavy usage lenses can fall out of alignment revealing itself most commonly with front or back focusing issues. Our calibration service will return your equipment to its optimum accuracy.

For Sigma lens owners we are now able to offer a unique Sigma lens calibration service which goes beyond the methods offered by the camera manufactures. Sigma however allow for calibration settings to be applied at multiple focal lengths, this facility is unique regardless of which mirrored DSLR the lens is used with.

This facility is only available with specific lenses. To verify if your lens is included please go to the Sigma Calibration page.

Once your Sigma lens calibration has been completed we will supply a full test report for each lens.

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