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03 Mar 2021

Shimoda Action X

  • Shimoda Action X
  • Shimoda Action X
Shimoda Action X Shimoda Action X

Action X is our ultra-aggressive line of camera bags and accessories.

Built off the unmatched experience, innovation, and a whole lot of real-world testing, this is our Action Sport-focused adventure camera bag collection. 


The Action X  Collection

Designed for the most adventurous content creators the Action X collection includes 3 backpacks, core units, rollers and an extremely versatile Top Loader that is sure to satisfy the needs of extreme terrain creators.


Action X30 and  X50

Designed for action and adventure photographers who need to get the most from their gear. The packs are best suited for agile fast-moving creators who travel and exist in terrain that is physically challenging not only to themselves but also to the camera and video gear they choose to travel with.


Action X70

An expandable 70-litre adventure bag designed for demanding cinematographers and “capture-it-all” multi-medium content creators.  The large capacity of the Action X70 coupled with the optional extra-deep DV (Digital Video) Core Units (available in Large or X-Large) offers users a larger, cine camera set-up that’s ready to go right out of the bag. Wildlife or sports shooters will appreciate its ability to pack and protect a super-telephoto lens. In addition adventures overnight mean there is also the ability to carry a core unit plus a lot of camping gear.


Carry On Roller & DV Roller

An Action X Carry On Roller, plus a bigger DV model to accommodate DV Core Units. Both rollers share the same ingenious ‘doctor-bag’ style opening that Shimoda users love. The retracting access allows the trolley’s footprint to remain minimal while open or closed. 


Top Loader

The versatile Shimoda Top Loader was designed for quick access to mirrorless and DSLR cameras coupled with professional zoom lenses. It can also fit compact drones like the DJI Mavic. In its normal configuration, the bag fits a camera with an attached lens up to 24-70mm f2.8.  By unzipping the padded bottom extension, you can comfortably fit the camera with an attached 70-200mm f2.8, or a 24-70mm with the lens hood extended, allowing for a seamless transition between shooting styles.


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