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Radiant Photo ' Next Generation Photo Editing

Radiant Photo Stand: H305

Radiant Photo is a new kind of photo editor, designed for natural color and ease of use. The software uses intelligent analysis to find and fix camera flaws, make targeted adjustments and unlock the visual potential of every image automatically. But it doesn’t stop at automatic, photographers can adjust the smart tools and even customize the AI results.

Radiant Photo analyzes images and applies corrections only where they are needed, making it the perfect solution for any photo. The software doesn’t create an over-processed look, rather it reveals lifelike color, realistic detail and natural light. 

The unique Quick Edit mode analyses the image and applies recommended settings based on the content of the photo. In most cases, this is 100% of the edits needed for a superior image. However, the photographer can quickly refine the image with six essential controls.

For those who prefer, the Detailed Edit mode offers complete control over a photo. Unique color, detail and tone controls unlock the color and depth of every photo. A collection of portrait tools create beautiful enhancements to photographs with people. You can change, tweak and add any improvement as you wish to perfectly fit your image and style. 

Elia Locardi, professional photographer and CEO of Radiant Imaging Labs, says: 

“The color fidelity and depth that Radiant Photo adds to an image amazes me every single time. I open new raw photos straight from the camera and save 15 minutes of editing time. I even take photos into Radiant Photo that I have previously edited – and thought they were finished. Running those edited files through Radiant Photo makes them look even better by precisely tuning the exposure, contrast and colors, giving them a more finished look."

Availability and compatibility 

Radiant Photo runs as standalone software on Windows and macOS. It can also be used as a native plugin inside Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Corel PaintShop Pro. Radiant Photo will be available this Summer.

Your Photos. Simply Radiant.


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