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The R200 Ring Flash

Godox (represented by PiXAPRO) Stand: K404

The GODOX R200 Ring Flash Head is a 200Ws Ring Flash Head, designed for use with the GODOX AD200 and AD200 Pro. The R200 Ring flash connects to your AD200 or AD200 Pro to the flash head port.  The R200 can be mounted directly onto your camera to provide your subjects with soft, near shadow-less illumination, giving your portrait photos a more edgy-fashion look. It can either be used as a main light or as a subtle fill light for when you would like little to no directionality. With a variety of different modes from HSS to the multi-burst, it is perfect for people who shoot in studio and on location from PortraitureBeautyFashion, Product, and Food Photography. It is also a great option for specialist fields such as Photogrammetry, due to its on-axis shadowless characteristics of the light that it produces.


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