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15 Jul 2021

Peak Design Capture Clips

Peak Design Stand: G500
  • Peak Design Capture Clips
  • Peak Design Capture Clips
  • Peak Design Capture Clips
Peak Design Capture Clips Peak Design Capture Clips Peak Design Capture Clips

The Peak Design Capture Clip is the most secure, easy and accessible way to carry your camera. Unlike a camera strap, the Capture Clip keeps your camera firmly in place while hiking, climbing or travelling. The Capture Clip gives you one-click instant access to your camera, something you don't have with a camera bag. The camera clicks smoothly and easily into the clip, where it is firmly and securely fixed in place. With one push on the lockable quick-release button you can release your camera again.

The ultra-smooth finish enhances durability and the ultra-low profile design increases carrying comfort. The Capture Clip has a carrying capacity of no less than 90 kilos, so you never have to worry that your camera-lens combination is too heavy for safe use.

The Capture Clip also has the possibility to lock the clip .This makes it impossible to detach the camera even if you by accident push therelease button. This feature is great when climbing mountains, biking or running.

The Peak Design Capture Clip can also be attached to your belt instead to your backpack. This way, you can go out and shoot even lighter. If you want to take a longer or heavier lens, you can first attach the Peak Design Pro Pad to your belt and then attach the Capture Clip. The big advantage is that it is more comfortable to carry your gear.

All Peak Design Sling bags, Backpacks and Travel Line bags have special cut outs to attach your Capture Clip. This makes it possible to clip a camera, binocular or a lens to your bag. With one push off the button, the Capture is unlocked and you can use your favorite gear.


When using the Peak Design Travel Tripod, or any other tripod with an Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate, the camera can be clicked directly onto the tripod head. The Capture Clip can conveniently be attached to the carrying strap of your backpack so that you have both hands free to quickly release and place it on the tripod. It is also possible to use it on a Manfrotto tripod head with the Peak Design Dual Plate instead of the standard version that comes with the set.

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