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03 Mar 2021

New Benro VX and GX Ball Heads

  • New Benro VX and GX Ball Heads
  • New Benro VX and GX Ball Heads
  • New Benro VX and GX Ball Heads
New Benro VX and GX Ball Heads New Benro VX and GX Ball Heads New Benro VX and GX Ball Heads

Benro's new lightweight VX and GX Ballheads are designed for precision shooting. Comprising six models, the 2 series deliver lighter head design combined with quality materials for second-to-none strength-to-weight ratio. Dual panoramic capability offers full 360o rotation from both the Quick Release platform and base of the ballheads, with fine calibration marks for fast and highly accurate positioning. The GX range debuts a new, low-profile design for even higher payload capabilities and smoother, more precise control.


The new ranges twin superior quality with simple design for intuitive operation with features that take all the guesswork out of tripod operation, allowing photographers to focus on getting the shot. Camera positioning and friction control for the unlocked central ball are managed via a single control knob, for accurate, fluid movement while removing the need for multiple, distracting controls. An on-board bubble level adds confidence that each shot is level without the use of external tools.


The new, low-profile design of the GX heads lowers the centre-of-gravity of an attached camera and lens, reducing the amount of leverage on the head and helping it to hold even more securely. They are a powerful tool for photographers who need portability in their camera gear without wanting to compromise on strength, precision or performance.


Both VX and GX ballheads feature a newly designed, lightweight Arca-compatible Quick Release plate which enables cameras to be attached and removed quickly and simply. Crafted from CNC-machined aluminium, the heads offer reduced weight but no loss of payload and, together with the increased locking strength of the central ball, mean you can trust your gear will be safe and fully supported. Additional safety features such as a pull-and-twist safety lock on the QR plate add to photographers’ ability to trust their tools and work with a clear head.


The VX and GX heads feature a 3/8” female thread in the base, meaning they will work across Benro’s tripod range, and with other tripods using the same size attachment. Updated elegant and lightweight design means the heads are pleasing to use and transport.

Currently available exclusively from WEX Photo Video


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