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30 Jan 2021

SD cards

Lexar Stand: K102
  • SD cards
  • SD cards
  • SD cards
SD cards SD cards SD cards

High-speed performance with SD cards when you need it most. Lexar SD cards are designed for photgraphers and filmers using a DSLR or mirrorless camera to let you quickly capture and transfer high-quality photos, including Full-HD and 4K UHD video with great read and write speeds. The Lexar SD cards dramatically accelerates your workflow from start to finish maximizing creativity. The range of Lexar SD cards can be categorized in: entry level (633x), mainstream (1066x and 1677x) and high end performance (2000x). This split in the so called 'good-better-best' strategy, is also easily recognizable from a packaging point of view: blue (entry level), silver (mainstream) and gold (high end performance. These Lexar SD cards provide the performance and durability you need to capture and store valuable data in a variety of elements. 

  • Speed variations: 633x, 1066x, 1677x and 2000x
  • Capacity variations: 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512GB 
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