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07 Jan 2021

Matrix Mini RGB Video Light

  • Matrix Mini RGB Video Light
  • Matrix Mini RGB Video Light
  • Matrix Mini RGB Video Light
Matrix Mini RGB Video Light Matrix Mini RGB Video Light Matrix Mini RGB Video Light

The PFY Matrix mini - features the same functions as the bigger brother Matrix but comes also with unique features as well. The little light not bigger as a size of a credit card weights just 150g and has a light output of 1100lx. The battery lasts around 2h and it can be run also via USB input for whole day use! Both lights Matrix and Matrix mini are robust designed and covered in a CNC aircraft aluminum housing which acts also as heat dissipation. Matrix mini features many mounting options like cold shoe mount on top, 1/4" screw hole on bottom and on the side. There are two magnets on the rear cover as well giving you the possibility to mount it on any metal part. You also can easily cascade the lights without using additionl tools. 

Endless control: Matrix series allows you to control the light with and without an App. The new PFY Bluetooth Mesh technology allowes you to control up to 255 devices. You can group them and control them even without App. Our lights have a unique function control so that each RGB light is acting as Master & Slave. No matter which light you control, if other Matrix is in same group it will be controlled as well.

Small but powerful: Matrix and Matrix mini have a Boost mode integated enabling you an light output increase of 50%.

App Control: The PFY App is available for iOS and Android devices and is free of charge. The intuitive App features functions which you won't miss once you have used it. Everything can be controlled easily and intuitive. Store you own settings so next time when you want to use the App you will be ready with just 1 finger tip.

Fully packed: The light comes with a cold shoe mouning, USB cable, quick guide and with a carrying pouch. Everything you need in order to start your creative project!

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