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15 Jul 2022

Layflat 1000 ALL-IN MAX

PhotoXport Stand: B701
  • Layflat 1000 ALL-IN MAX
  • Layflat 1000 ALL-IN MAX
  • Layflat 1000 ALL-IN MAX
Layflat 1000 ALL-IN MAX Layflat 1000 ALL-IN MAX Layflat 1000 ALL-IN MAX

Binding Machines for Simplex Prints

LF 1000 All-in MAX is a fully automatic book block system which can produce LayFlat book blocks from single sheets. It is an all-in-one machine which includes a creaser and a folder. It creates photobooks by gluing papers
back-to-back as well as inserting cardboard in between sheets. This machine is ideal for creating professional photobooks where high speed is a priority.

Key Features

  • All in one system: Integrated auto feeding, creasing, folding, spinning pressing, gluing and assembling units;
  • Automatic paper alignment system;
  • Auto feeder for sheets and cardboard;
  • Easy to operate via touch screen;
  • Flexible production for different sizes: 152 mm x 152 mm (6” x 6”) to 460 mm x 460 mm (18” x 18”);
  • LayFlat binding technology;
  • Hotmelt gluing technology: cheaper cost and faster delivery;

The LF 1000 All-in MAX is an all-in-one integrated system which can complete the tasks of automatic feeding, creasing, folding, spinning pressing, gluing, and assembling. Its automatic paper alignment system and user-friendly touchscreen, make it easy to operate. It offers flexible production for different sizes. The LF 1000 All-in MAX comes with the hallmark LayFlat binding technology as well as Hotmelt gluing technology which ensures faster delivery at a cheaper price.

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