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19 Feb 2021

Irix Edge MMS Circular Polarizer SR

  • Irix Edge MMS Circular Polarizer SR
  • Irix Edge MMS Circular Polarizer SR
  • Irix Edge MMS Circular Polarizer SR
Irix Edge MMS Circular Polarizer SR Irix Edge MMS Circular Polarizer SR Irix Edge MMS Circular Polarizer SR

Irix Edge MMS Circular Polarizer SR

The Irix Edge Circular Polarizer MMS filter is one of the most useful filter types. It makes  possible to record a character from behind the glass, bring out real colours from shiny surfaces, or make the sky come alive with a deep blue colour. So why not take care of the safety of the lens by the way? The Irix Edge MMS CPL SR magnetic filter will also protect your Irix Cine lens from accidental damage. The Super Resistant (SR) series guarantees excellent damage resistance – toughened optical glass covered with a special nano-coating makes the filter survive virtually anything.


You'll not get it in a postproduction - polarization effect

Get the best out of a scene: increase the transparency of the water and glass, saturate the sky with a deep blue colour, get rid of reflections on the shiny surfaces showing their true colours. All of these effects can be easily achieved using the Irix Edge Circular Polarizer MMS filter. The smooth adjustment of the polarization degree is possible by rotating the filter on the magnetic mount.


Magnetic mount–smooth, fast and secure workflow

Irix Edge Magnetic Mount System (MMS) filters have a strong magnetic mount that is compatible with Irix Cine lenses. This feature allows you to change the filters quickly and easily during recording and save valuable time on the set.


Truly colour-neutral

Irix Edge filters are made of the highest quality optical glass (light transmission of 99.8%), and the latest generation of coatings applied to each side of the filter. These features ensure that the material you record will accurately reflect the colours you see during recording.


Superb sharpness, clarity and contrast

Thanks to the optical glass and multi-layer, anti-reflective coatings on both filter sides, Irix Edge filters provide a sharp image with excellent clarity. A nano-coating applied to both sides makes maintaince even easier and ensures impeccable image.


Threadless filter construction

The Irix Edge Magnetic filters are threadless, which makes their profiles completely flat. You will love this feature: no more problems with dirty or dusty filter thread again!


Firm and securer magnetic mount

Thanks to the design dedicated to Irix Cine lenses,  the Magnetic Mount System (MMS) series filters perfectly adhere to the lens, creating a safe and secure connection ready for every action.


Combine them easily!

Do you need to use neutral density and polarized filter together? Sure, why not! MMS filters design enables you to stack filters easily. You will see for yourself how quickly you will get used to the convenience and speed of the Irix Edge MMS filters!


Ultra-thin filter profile

As you already know, the Irix Edge Magnetic Mount System filters have super-thin filter profiles. The total thickness of the filter is 5mm, combined with the possibility of stacking, will allow you to save a significant amount of space for other useful equipment.


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