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19 Feb 2021

Irix Edge Full-ND

  • Irix Edge Full-ND
  • Irix Edge Full-ND
Irix Edge Full-ND Irix Edge Full-ND

Different densities

The Irix Edge Circular Full-ND filter comes in different densities so you can choose the filter that matches your needs. Filters range starts from a 3 f-stop reduction (ND8) up to 14 f-stop reduction (ND32000), which allows you to achieve absolutely unique results.


Use fast lenses – without any limits

The Irix Edge round Full-ND filter allows to achieve proper exposure when using fast prime lenses (such as the f/2 and faster) during the day. Sometimes even advanced or professional cameras don’t offer enough fast shutter speeds or lower ISO because there is too much light so we need to compensate it.


Dreamy landscapes – the motion-blur effect

Most stunning landscape photographs has been taken with this technique – it allows us to add some motion and uniqueness in landscape photography. Don’t forget to take stable tripod with you! This technique is based on long shutter speeds to blur all those objects that move in the frame such as clouds, people, water, and so on. This technique introduces some movement into the static landscape thus create surreal effect which human eye can’t see.


Make Your video more cinematic

Have you ever wonder about why the cinema movie is so different from popular films that we can register on our smartphones? It’s mainly because of the slower shutter speeds that have been used during the filmmaking so any movement seems to be more pleasant and natural. The Irix Edge Full-ND filter reduce the amount of light so you’re able to use proper exposure time to achieve eye-catching film look on your movies.


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