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19 Feb 2021

Irix Edge Circular Polariser

  • Irix Edge Circular Polariser
  • Irix Edge Circular Polariser
Irix Edge Circular Polariser Irix Edge Circular Polariser

Enhance the colors – reduce the glare

The Irix Edge Circular Polarizer is a type of filter that every photographer should have because it allows to achieve in-camera effects that are hard or impossible to achieve in post-production such as removing glareimprove contrast and saturation  and increasing transparency of glass or water.


Amazing effects – before pressing the shutter button

The Irix Edge Circular Polarizer Filter shuts out most of the reflections on shiny objects such as water, glass or metal, thus achieving a number of benefits.

The Circular Polarizer Filter makes water more transparent with improved contrast and saturation. Landscape pictures will become more eye-catching.


Metal & Glass

A circular polarizer makes glass more transparent which allows you to shoot through glass without any glare or reflections. The Irix Edge Circular Polarizer Filter shuts out most of the reflections, thus achieving a natural structure and colour of the subject.



Almost all of the trees, flowers, grass, etc. have shiny surfaces which reflect some of the light. The Circular Polarizer filter shuts out all of these reflections and so increasing colour saturation and clarity of the foliage.


Improve the colour of the sky

The Irix Edge Circular Polarizer Filter allows us to achieve a deep blue colour of the sky and improve cloud contrast, which gives the appearance of a more three-dimensional structure of the clouds.


Adjust the effects of polarization

The effect of polarization is adjustable; By simple rotation of the filter you can achieve desired effect. The Irix Edge Circular Polarizer Filter is made of two smooth and easy rotating rings.


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