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19 Feb 2021

Irix 11mm T 4.3 Cine lens

  • Irix 11mm T 4.3 Cine lens
  • Irix 11mm T 4.3 Cine lens
  • Irix 11mm T 4.3 Cine lens
Irix 11mm T 4.3 Cine lens Irix 11mm T 4.3 Cine lens Irix 11mm T 4.3 Cine lens

Made to work with your equipment

Are you a professional, an amateur or perhaps just an enthusiast of cinematography?

Irix Cine 11mm is a >43,3mm Full Frame lens, covering Full Frame 35, Super 35, Red Dragon 6K, Arri Alexa, APS-C, MFT, Super 16 and other sensors. It’s so versatile it’ll fit YOUR favourite equipment – so that you can enjoy every second of shooting with the tools you already love.

Put our Irix Cine 11mm to work and enjoy the comfort and functionality that it offers.  Available in the most popular industry mounts: Canon RF, Canon EF, Sony E, Nikon Z, Leica L, Olympus / Panasonic MFT and Arri PL-mount, this superior cine lens is ready for action whenever you are.

Filming has never been easier!


Prepared for any environment

From the burning sands of Sahara to the frozen peaks of Antarctica – Irix Cine 11mm is prepared to not only face any atmospheric conditions but also capture the best of them.

Enjoy your lens’ reliable construction with rubber seals placed in all crucial points to ensure safety from rain or dust.

Now, you can film anytime, anywhere – and seize the power of nature.


Modern optics guarantee outstanding image quality

Creativity and passion lie in your individuality. Craft one-of-a-kind cinematic look that won’t be easily forgotten! Thanks to the perfectly refined optical system with 16 optical elements (including 4 HR lenses and 2 ED lenses, 3 ASP), your shots will come out with very low level of aberration.

The internal focusing system of the lens guarantees incredible sharpness. Round-shaped iris provide beautiful bokeh and a very smooth adjustment between T4.3 and T22.

With very low focus breathing and low distortion provide beautiful ultra-wide shots with neutral look.

Allow yourself to enjoy every moment of filming!


Innovative adaptive ring

Adaptive ring is an innovative function which you will like no matter if you are pro or amateur.

Ring has been designed to keep lens housing sleek and user-friendly when operated manually, but without any compromises when you want to use your favourite cine gear. Compatibility and usability not met before!


Lightweight and compact design

Irix 11mm T4.3 Cine meets requirements of all filmmakers. No matter if you like to build a professional setup or shoot with bare lens on stabilizer this lens is for you. Aluminium and magnesium alloy construction and housing weight only 1,1kg.


Magnetic Mount System

Irix 11mm T4.3 lens have a Magnetic Mount System (MMS) that is compatible with Irix MMS Lens Hood.

The MMS Lens Hood effectively protects the lens from unwanted light that can cause ghosting and flares.


Perfectly fits into the cine world

Your comfort matters. To ease the use as much as possible, we made sure our Irix Cine 11mm is compatible with most follow focus systems, matte boxes, stabilizers and accessories available on the market.

Furthermore, it comes with a detachable lens support foot – to provide stabilization and reduce the strain of the camera mount when in use with follow focus gears.

Irix Cine is so universal it will become your favourite lens no matter the task!


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