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19 Feb 2021

Irix 11mm f/4.0

  • Irix 11mm f/4.0
  • Irix 11mm f/4.0
  • Irix 11mm f/4.0
Irix 11mm f/4.0 Irix 11mm f/4.0 Irix 11mm f/4.0

Made to See More

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking for a lens for your next shoot, or an amature looking for to expand your lens set, this one’s for you.

The Irix 11mm f/4.0 is an ultra-wide-angle lens created for your full frame (35mm) camera, and comes in Nikon FCanon EF, and Pentax K mounts. It opens you to an entirely new world of photography– thanks to a 126 degree field of view, you’re able to capture incredibly captivating images, and excellent optics ensure sharp, detailed images.


Ready for Any Conditions

It doesn’t matter if you’re traversing the blistering Saharan dunes, or trekking across the frigid and desolate Antarctic – Irix lenses can handle any challenge.

Round rubber O-Rings seal and protect the lens from moisture, dust, and sand. The lens has an internal focusing mechanism, allowing the lens body to stay the same size and length througout its focus range.

The lens body is built strong, solid, and sturdy, ready to operate in all conditions.


Optics That Guarantee Sharp Images

Creativity, ideas, and the effort that’s put into the final image would be nothing without the right lens. Thanks to many years of experience in optical design, Irix lenses are characterized by their excellent resolution, minimal distortion (3.13%), and almost no vignetting. The Irix 11mm f/4.0 lens consists of 16 elements arranged in 10 groups: 4 refractive elements, 2 ED elements and 3 aspherical elements. The focus distance is only 28cm, which in combination with its f/4.0 f-stop and 9 rounded aperture blades, makes this lens stand out with extremely smooth bokeh from an incredible perspective.

You compose the image – Irix takes care of the rest!


One Lens – Two Versions

The Irix 11mm f/4.0 comes in two verisons: Firefly and Blackstone.

Firefly – Lightweight composite construction, with an embossed rubber focus ring, allowing for smooth and precise focusing. Included with the lens is a soft pouch.

Blackstone – Reinforced full-metal construction. All lens markings are engraved and filled with a UV-reactive paint enabling easy focusing in dark enviornments. Included with the lens is a hard case.


Intelligent Lens Design

The Irix 11mm f/4.0 lens has a module that allows you to control the lens’ iris directly from the camera, thanks to which popular semi-automatic modes (PASM) and data recording in EXIF format are available.

The use of electronics also enable the lens to be equipped with a focus confirmation system – the camera will announce the correct focus setting (either in the form of an icon in the viewfinder or with a sound), every time you set the focus correctly – it’s easy and convenient!

It’s worth noting that Irix lenses have the appropriate correction profiles that are pre-loaded and readable by software (such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photogshop), that will make your shooting experience even more enjoyable.


Additional Features

Infinity click – Enables quick, easy, and precise focusing. During focusing, you’ll feel the moment when your lens hits infinity, which is extremely useful when shooting in difficult lighting conditions (I.e. at night).

Focus Lock – Allows you to lock the focusing ring in a specific position, which is extremely beneficial when you want to keep a specific focus plane, i.e. for astrophotography, or when using the hyperfocal scale.

Rear Gel Filter Slot – Allows the use of neutral gray filters, (a unique feature of the Irix 11mm f/4.0), against the background of competing ultra-wide-angle builds that do not have the option of using filters.

Focus Calibration Window – due to the specifics of focus detection in DSLR cameras (which are based on phase detection), sometimes it may happen that the lens needs synchronization with the camera. Thanks to this special window you can easily calibrate the lens at home using basic tools within 5 minutes. Fast, simple and effective!


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