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22 Aug 2022

HPRC5200R the first and only resin case that becomes backpack in seconds

HPRC Stand: G401
  • HPRC5200R the first and only resin case that becomes backpack in seconds
  • HPRC5200R the first and only resin case that becomes backpack in seconds
  • HPRC5200R the first and only resin case that becomes backpack in seconds
HPRC5200R the first and only resin case that becomes backpack in seconds HPRC5200R the first and only resin case that becomes backpack in seconds HPRC5200R the first and only resin case that becomes backpack in seconds

HPRC5200R is the first and only protective case that becomes a backpack in a matter of seconds.

On the bottom of the case, a removable panel that can be easily replaced with soft padding. The kit to quickly and easily transform the case into a backpack includes: shoulder straps, plate, backrest, screws and Allen key. Everything you need, ready for use.


The case can be purchased empty, with pre-cubed foam or with Second Skin.

In both versions, case and backpack, the high performance characteristics of the entire HPRC range are not only maintained, but improved. HPRC cases are guaranteed for life and thanks to their durability they can be reused over and over again without weighing on the environment. Furthermore, each case and all its parts and components can be entirely recycled.

The fields of application and the instruments that can be housed in the case are the most varied:

• bird watching

• telescopes / spotting scopes with tripod

• tubular lights, imaging lights, long optics, stands/tripods

• small weather stations

• measuring instruments (such as diopters / tachometers with support)

• musical instruments (sax, violin to name a few)

• equipment / tools developed horizontally of any industrial sector

The backpack version can be a great convenience, especially if the equipment must be transported in inaccessible places or if the hands must be free.

Technical features:

Materials: the case structure is made of TTX01®, a patented material composed of a polypropylene-based compound containing mineral fillers and elastomer. The use of this compound allows to keep the case strength unaltered while increasing the elasticity, and ensures a very high resistance to impacts, falls and pressures. There is more. The case gains in lightness, having a weight up to 20% less than the competition.


The HPRC collection has undergone stringent testing based on national and international regulations / standards, including

• STANAG 4280 (NATO Defence Standard: horizontal and vertical drop impact test, Europe)

• DS 81-41 (DEF STAN 81-41: horizontal and vertical drop impact test, USA)

• IP67 (watertight)

• ATA 300 (construction of the case as required by the Air Transport Association)

• HPRC cases used at extreme temperatures do not lose their distinctive characteristics. Guaranteed temperature range is - 40°C to + 80°C (40°F up to + 176°F)

• UV resistance of the material and color (the pigments used have maximum UV resistance)

• Ergonomic handles

• UL-94 V-0 (Flame retardant: fire resistance classification according to the standards established by Underwriters Laboratories, on request)


Rounded corners: the 4 reinforced corners, both in the upper and lower part of the case, have also been rounded to ensure better protection from shocks while giving the case a touch of originality.


TSA: The housings for the TSA locks are coated in metal, for a longer life.


Handles: there are two handles made of PP and SEBS, with ergonomic and scratch-resistant grips. Maximum comfort, optimal handling and secure grip, even at low temperatures and in the presence of water or humidity.


Wheels: large diameter, ensure smoothness, stability and ease of transport on any surface and floor. They can be customized with a logo, text or design chosen by the customer.


Lid: with integral closure, offers maximum protection to the stored equipment. The internal O-ring, which runs along the entire perimeter of the lid, is made of expanded EPDM and guarantees the case’s watertight qualities.


Closing latches: extremely sturdy, they are equipped with a two-step opening / closing system which ensures fluidity of movement and prevents the hooks from opening in the event of a fall.


Automatic valve: as in all HPRC cases, also this model features is an automatic valve that regulates the air pressure inside the case.


Name plate: large, with a renewed design that allows immediacy of reading and better resistance during use.


In addition to withstanding falls, impacts and extreme temperatures, being watertight, like the entire HPRC range, the case is also dust, sand and acids-proof: a means of transport that guarantees unparalleled protection.



This pre-cut foam has been specially designed for the HPRC5200 and HPRC5200R cases. It will be sufficient to remove the superfluous tiny foam cubes and house your equipment in the compartments created.

Easy, fast and convenient!



Second Skin is the modular system designed by HPRC to protect any equipment. The modular dividers equipped with Velcro, allows you to create infinite configurations according to the different needs in just 670 g of weight.

A "second skin" made of thermoformed material that allows you to take advantage of the maximum internal volume of the case while maintaining optimal protection.

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