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16 Feb 2021

Online 1-2-1 Training - How My Camera Works

This is a two hour booking. 

What we won't be teaching you?


We won't be teaching you how to take good photographs, composition, lighting etc. There is a huge choice of photography tutors out there to do that.


What we will be teaching you?


What we will teach you is how to use your camera. Anything from the basic controls to configuration for a particular genre depending on your existing knowledge. Cameras today are highly sophisticated electronic tools. They are packed full of features and functionality that are often overlooked.


If you don't have the time, patience or inclination to read those chunky manuals that come with the camera then a 1-2-1 with our resident expert is the perfect answer.


We can tailor the topics covered to your existing knowledge, experience and preferred genre of photography so that you learn the most pertinent features of your camera. We can take you through a workflow from camera to post production editing through to archiving.



 Topic Suggestions


As a 1-2-1 training session we will tailor the content to your specific requirements. Below is a list of the most common areas covered. When booking your training session an outline of the ares to be covered with you will be discussed and confirmed prior to the training session.


Below are only suggestion of topics that can be cover and tuition is by no means restricted to these areas:


  • Camera configuration for different genres of photography
  • Navigating around additional menus
  • Exposure
  • Focus settings for different scenarios
  • Flash
  • Best practise for video
  • Why shoot in RAW. Implications of shooting RAW with software compatibility
  • Workflow



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