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22 Jan 2024

High speed professional 35mm Film Scanner

Capix Stand: D400

Capix are proud to be appointed a UK and Ireland Distributor for the new Aura 35 Film scanner. This is the first new film scanner produced for over 20 years to satisfy the ever increasing resurgence in analogue film.

Technical specifications

Resolution 4150 DPI optical, 4000px on the short side, or 24MP for 24x35. Can sample from HD capture for lower quality resolutions.
Film Types 35mm film. Color negative, black and white negative, color positive, black and white positive. Band scan from 4 views or full band. Unlimited view width (half format, panoramic...).
Dusting Mechanics: integrated ionizing brushes.
Software: Dark field and AI technology, compatible with color AND black and white film.
Imaging sensor Quadlinear CMOS sensor of 4096 pixels, 12-bit conversion, RGB + Infrared without interpolation.
Imaging optics Apochromatic industrial optics, optimized for flat field reproduction.
Light source Red, Green, Blue and Infrared LED backlighting. Visible dark field lighting for dust removal. Front lighting for reading tracking codes, twin-checks etc.
Focus Focus fixed at the factory for better stability, adjustable by the user or a field technician.
Scan time Approximately 20 seconds for a full strip of 36 frames at full resolution.
Dynamic range 3.6 (72dB), 12-bit. Possibility to capture in HDR depending on the model.
Sustainability The scanner is designed to be easily repaired and upgraded with industry standard parts.
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