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Cornish Seascape Workshops

Cornish Seascape Holidays Ltd Stand: L609

Now in their 10th year, my multi-award winning workshops have built an international reputation for excellence and enjoyment. This has come though my course structure that sees a solo individual joining me on an exciting, eye-opening journey into the world of Seascapes. 

I believe Seascape Photography is a highly individualstic and personal artistic discipline. One that revolves around capturing special moments in a way that expresses the dynamic optics the individual witnessed. A unique moment in time that can be perfectly shared with another person, but not a host of others.

That's why there's no group involved in my workshop. It's not about maximising my profit by putting lots of 'bums on seats'! It's about sharing a vision and spectacular coastal atmospherics. So a location's shoreline is never going to be compromised.

Nor will the one-to-one processing tuition in the studio. For once again, there's no way a group can be effectively tutored because everyone is different and so are their images. Each deserves focussed attention if they are going to maximise the learning experience and create stunning individualstic images.

My course is based on a 30 year London-based professional career and my award-winning Seascape photography approach. Importantly, this is a multi-day residential course based on a client's choice of between 2 and 5 day's duration. This is because there's just too much to impart and too many fantastic locations to visit. So a single day-trip simply cannot begin to scratch the surface.

I am passionate about photographing the Cornish coast and I thrive when introducing this to others. The proof of my workshop concept has come through the many like-minded individuals who have joined me and then kindly gone on to vote me 'Best Tution Provider' in last year's Photography News Awards.

So if you have ever considered taking a workshop that would introduce you to a whole new relationship with both the coast and your camera, I would urge you to come and have a chat at Stand L609

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