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31 Oct 2023

CloudPics Pro

CloudPics Stand: E551

Let’s scale your business.

CloudPics Pro is designed to fit the needs of your volume photography business.

Suitable for over 3000 subjects a year. Whether that’s all school pupils, all sports, all events or a mixture – the flexibility of CloudPics Pro ensures that your photography is working for you.

Streamline your Workflow

CloudPics Pro simplifies everything from booking your shoot to delivering the final print to your customers.

  • Keep your data organised: shoot tethered or with QR codes, it’s up to you
  • PhotoLink software included for easy transfer
  • Make the purchase process easy for your customers: automatic email notifications that images are ready
  • Don’t pay multiple companies for one workflow: web store + production + printing, all under one roof
  • Options for delivery to customer's individual homes, batch delivery or print your own work
  • Unlimited storage - keep your work available for purchase for as many years as you like


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